Re-visiting Footfalls

Photo: Aksel Pépin

I remember much of the ghostly, the questions of presences and absences, memories, lies, imagined worlds where things have or could have happened. I remember nine steps and wheel, and listening to those steps when feet gently carve the floor. It is sinking into a play where time and space collapse, as the coming step is front and back, before and after. Time stops being quite as linear. By reading the text out loud I remember very vividly how it was to play. 

Saying the words of the play is like dropping a stone to water, to see what happens. Maybe they will just drop, and we witnessing as they do so. Maybe it will be shallow enough, to make steps with the stones, and reach to, yes, where? To the other. The other that is so present in Footfalls as well. There are many others, that slip out and into each other, embodied in voice, words, memories, narratives and bodies. Faint light hits a body of melancholia.

”I saw myself lurking behind the blue veil”

What kind of place or time is that?

By Mari Pitkänen