The Writing Apparatus

On our previous meeting, we studied the writing apparatus as a way of reaching things that arise from exhausting associations and free writing. We are testing what happens, what thoughts arrive to the paper, and what of it yearns to be voiced in a space. 

This is how the exercise would be written as stage directions:

On the back wall, slightly to the stage right, paper taped to the wall. Roll is continuing down the floor. Writer walks from stage left, stops by the paper and begins to write. Sound of the marker on the paper. Every now and then, pause. Writer looking at the paper. Then continues writing until s/he reaches the end of the roll.

After a while, we read the texts again. We see if something of it has not left us, if something is there in the letters that is still bothering us. If we wrote something that cannot be disremembered. 

By Mari Pitkänen

Photos by Aksel Pépin