Embodying Beckett

By David Tann

Each piece has its own way to move, bound by the rules.
Yet there ́s endless possibilities to make the pieces
What does this piece do?
To understand an object ́s purpose, first understand the
environment that it comes from. The squares, where it
moves on the board.
So if we take away that environment – what would we be
left with?
An alien tool dropped from space.
Would we be abe to understand it?
How do i use this damn thing!
A lot of questions, maybe it wouldnt even matter.
A fibonacci sequence of possibilities
Is it possible to present one curl and imply
the rest of the sequence?
All that couldve happened, shouldve
happened. Why didnt it? Why why why.
How to present that in a theatre?
One slice of the fibonacci cake. One curl.
Suspended in space. About 8 feet above the
stage level.
Just high enough to doubt. Just a mouth?
Wheres the body. Could be a very tall
woman, no?
A star in space.
Understood in relation to another star
How far away it is.

If we were to suspend a movement in time.

“Not I” GIF. Source: pinterest.com

A movement of sound.

A character or two.
Waiting between a rock and a tree.
Oh godot.
Here we go again.

Caspar David Friedrich’s painting “Two Men Contemplating the Moon,” which Beckett hinted to a
friend was a visual inspiration for “Godot.”

The author does not own the rights to the images. Used for research purpose only.