Happening 2019: Embodying Beckett – What would Beckett say?


David Tann will create a performance for audiences to encounter a character inspired by Samuel Beckett´s dramatic plays. Beckett portrays wandering, rootless, characters that represent a humanity that is alienated from the known world. How would Beckett´s characters experience the world beyond the confines of a stage? How would they interact with our everyday actions? Inspired by “Not I”, “Waiting for Godot” and “Happy Days”; David uses rhythm and tension as an opening into the mind and body of this character. Exploring through play, he will try to embody the world of Beckett.


“Just Say It”.  -Samuell Beckett; advising Billy Whitelaw on performing the text in “Not I”

“What matters is the rhythm of piece, the words are merely what the pharmacist calls the exipient”. – Samuel Beckett; responding to the difficulties Billy Whitelaw was having rehearsing “Footfalls”.

“You are composing, it is not a story, but an improvisation. You are looking for the words, you correct yourself constantly”.  – Samuel Beckett; advising Hildegard Schmahl on performing at the Schiller-Theatre Werkstatt. 

“I am not unduly concerned with intelligibility, I hope the piece may work on the nerves of the audience, not its intellect”.  – Samuel Beckett; talking to Jessica Tandy