Happening 2019: Rhythm of writing

An interactive installation by Nina Krogh

Let’s face the blank page. No further instructions are given than to fill the paper with whatever comes to your mind. Let the pen float on the paper and reveal your handwriting.

My handwriting changes from day to day. It depends on my state of mind, energy level, as well as the material at hand, the paper, the pen, the texture of the paper. Despite small daily changes, I have a reoccurring style of writing. When looking through old notebooks I have to go more than a decade back to see clear changes in my handwriting. Where does our individual way of writing come from? What could it tell about us?

The audience is invited into exploring the state of minds that dominates Beckett’s characters. The state of minds that Beckett explore in his plays are uncomfortable and something we try to avoid in our own lives. Who would like to wait for someone for days under a tree? Or loose one’s mind and referring to oneself in third person. But at the same time we often flee from the possibility to inhabit those moments without purpose or content. In empty moments we often seeking refuge in the endless stream of information, entertainment and social media. 

By turning the handwriting into patterns, the content is no longer in focus. The movement of the hand comes forward, revealing something different than the meaning of the words. 

What do we fill our blank and empty page with? What does our handwriting reveal about us?