Happening 2019: Part 1 (documentation)

“The space is an actor”.

What does it mean to inhabit a space? What does it need and why? These are some of the questions that were important to the process of moving all of our projects into the space at Myntgata 2. There were practical reasons to the choice of space, in the way that it needed to be open (with little furniture and so on) and spacious in the sense that it was long enough to create a trajectory through different sections in the room. We thus prioritised to have length over width even though it could not have been very narrow either. The choice of space was also decided from the perspective that it should not be a black box, and perhaps not either a white cube. We could then remove ourselves from predetermined ideas of what these spaces are, and instead work with defining the space in relation to our projects. The happenings that took place in New York in Allan Kaprow’s time were often out of a gallery context and quite site-specific. It could thus be said that the space elevated the work in a different way, and that it was indeed a performer as well. The space sets the conditions under which the artists are performing, and they have to address this dialogue with the space very early to make it work. In a way, we are there on its premises, and thus forcing something to fit into it without a sort of dialogue, is bound to fail.

Our invitation to the audience was directed towards our work and the presence of Beckett (or his spectre), but we were also interested in what they thought of our spatial choices. The overall feedback was that we managed to have a dialogue with the space, so that all the information we had present in it was shown in a clear manner. It was a lot to take in perhaps, but once they had been moving around for a little while there was a sense of natural navigation. This is something that we could not test in advance, and hence we had to rely on our inner compasses. Therefore it was very interesting to learn from the audience that our work resonated with the space the way it did. – Sophie Bordo, November 2019

Photo documentation from day 1 (dress rehearsal):

Thank you to Aksel Pépin for taking all of the photos during our Happening!

S T I L L L I F E by Ermioni Garramone

“Rose and Odd” – free improvisation with two Beckett characters by Sophie Barth and David Tann

After Rose by Sophie Barth

Embodying Beckett by David Tann

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