Embodying Beckett: The Performance

Photos: Aksel Pépin

Here´s a snapshot into my performance, Embodying Beckett, at Schouskollectivet´s Happening, November 2019

This is the first blog post, giving an insight into the performance. I will later write about the material content in the performance, but until then…

The costume – for the experience of the audience as much as for the experience of performing.

Silver suit, silver shirt. Cotton. Wollen long johns – for the texture of the clothes on the skin, Heat.

Grey Nike Air Trainers – ability to move freely, minimalise unnecessary sound to control rhythm of piece.

Red-lip mouth whistle – for maintaining rhythm of sound, pace and breathe through the performance. Using hyperventilation to affect rhythm of the body.

Blue light blocking glasses – to affect the perception of the senses in the performer. Sight, colour, warmth.

The occasional flash of a polaroid camera – to surprise the performer, giving an impulse to use.
During the performance my character asked an audience member to take polaroids. I hope this captures an audience member´s experience on the performance, rather than a analytically precise observation.

by David Tann