Digital performance: The Buzzing

With: Mari Pitkänen, Claudia Lucacel, David Tann and Sophie Barth

The Buzzing is a performance experiment using zoom as a way of performing together in a time of social distancing. The performance uses Beckett’s one-act play «Not I» to create a polyphonic reading experience, which is also based on the communication we can sometimes experience using an online program such as Zoom or Skype for reaching each other. We are currently exploring the literature of Beckett in a context of isolation, and how this also makes way for a new understanding when reading his texts in this time period of Covid19.

Furthermore, how should one create performances in these current times? As performing artists we feed off the presence of an audience, but what happens when they are not there anymore physically? This is a ongoing conversation that has a lot of different perspectives, and many interesting solutions that are yet to be tried out. Musicians seem to have found a solution that works for them, but many fellow performing artists are still searching for a sharing medium. Variations of Beckett will keep on testing out different solutions, and are planning a new approach to the upcoming symposium, which is set for 31st July – 2nd August if everything goes according to plan.