Meditations on Beckett (1)

Film, edit & voiceover: Sophie Bordo Barth
This short film was created as a reflection upon the different sensation of time experienced during the Covid19 outbreak. It also explores central aspects of Samuel Beckett’s literature: silence, stillness and “staying put”. The story is told from a personal perspective, not directly relating everything to Beckett. The story told in the voiceover was recorded straight after visiting the International Samuel Beckett festival in Enniskillen (Northern Ireland) during July 2019. The footage was made in the beginning of April, almost three weeks into self-isolation due to Covid19.

The text elements starring in the film are the left overs from a previous performance (the Variations of Beckett Happening in November 2019), and thus re-used one last time before being thrown away. This is rice paper, and thus it dissolves in the ocean (no pollution was made). I play with the idea of how to re-use elements of something previously created in another context, in order to uncover how it changes meaning. Or, can it still have some shadow of the foregoing performance where the text snippets originally were used?

Moreover: Do objects live a life of their own?