My Shadow Will Comfort You – After Beckett

We asked the artists participating in the symposium to share their thoughts/responses after the weekend we spent together. Here’s the poem that poet and illustrator Alicja Rosé performed with her group at Hellviktangen Kunstkafé on the final day of the symposium:

You see, I’m a dream

collector and you’re a water 

carrier and the fog is dense

in the valley I can hear somebody





it is just a memory

I want to be at many nows at once

I heard the unspoken words

I looked for the dear face

in the valley where we were 

once so long alone together

in the fog I heard your

steps retracing the past

we spoke our mother tongues

– so amazing

and frightening 

in a dense fog our 

grandfathers met. 

Alicja Rosé, August 2020