The Beckett Scrapbook #1

Our Beckett Scrapbook has been chosen to be a part of the exhibition “Doors” at Galleri Seilduken in Oslo from 1st – 3rd April 2021. We will release more info about how to visit the exhibition once we have more information about the details around the Covid-19 situation in Oslo.

The Beckett Scrapbook #1 (2019)

By the artists of Variations of Beckett (Sophie Barth, David Tann, Mari Pitkänen, Ermioni Garramone & Nina Krogh)

Assembled and created by Sophie Barth and David Tann

The scrapbook documents the research journey of Schouskollektivet´s “Variations of Beckett” project, as an extension of its online research archive. The multimedia material is a montage of texts, images and extracts; created from workshops and assembled in a chronological order. The book’s aesthetic reflects how Beckett used the stage, and which is shown through the blank spaces around the texts or images on the pages.  Sometimes there are clutters of words, not so dissimilar to Beckett’s endless monologues with almost no punctuation. 

The book is accompanied by 5 binaural sound tracks, which readers listen to on their own headphones whilst reading the book. 5 sound-scape tracks will represent different stages of the book. The sound-scapes are integrated into the book through QR codes, which when they scan, directs users to an online portal to play the track. Through the book the audience has free choice to create their own sensory narrative, between pages of text, image and sound.

In order to put audiences into the world of Beckett, we will be using binaural sound (as opposed to mono or stereo). This will give listeners a much more visceral sound experience by utilising listeners´ spacial awareness. Tracks will be specially created for the installation using sound from the Variations of Beckett archive in addition to recorded binaural soundscapes.

Part of Beckett´s signature style is to give audiences juxtaposing images or ideas without any narrative link between them. The Beckett Scrapbook asks the viewer to make connections for themselves and makes the experience of Beckett´s work totally subjective as an audience. To recreate this in this project, we want to activate the public by encouraging them to interact with the book.