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What is performativity? What is performance?

Nina Krogh and Sophie Barth introduced these questions to the group. Here’s some extracts of what we discussed during our first session together at Oslo teatersenter:


The Recording – a performance installation

A performance installation shown at Oslo teatersenter as part of their yearly festival (10-11th november 2018)

The Recording is the beginning of the upcoming project ”Variations of Beckett” directed by Schouskollektivet’s artistic director Sophie Barth. In 2019 Schouskollektivet will start the process of establishing a three-year program where artists are invited to parttake in a ”Beckett-hub” in order to research his works.

The Recording is based on the play Krapp’s Last Tape, and explores a intimate performance format where the audience members enter a closed room one by one to make a voice recording. As audience you are free to share whatever you like, whether it’s fiction or reality, memories or stream of consciousness. In the make-up room at Oslo teatersenter you sit in front of the mirrors, back-stage, in one of the places you don’t do the performance itself but get ready for it. The performance installation is moving inbetween the public and the private, and investigates the action of entering a room to use a casette player where you can also witness the sound being recorded. Will something change in the process? Or will you share the same things that you share online? What are you choosing to share?

All audience members have 15 minutes each to their disposition, and the performance installation will be open throughout the festival.

The sound will not be played publicly, but is a part of the research to establish ”Variations of Beckett”, and will only be used in this process.